Learn the Ropes… 9.9.17

God is working in the lives of men at Seton in a big way. Over the past few years, we have seen men join together in a variety of activities to listen, learn and grow in their faith. Efforts like TMIY, K of C, bible studies, Exodus 90 are just a few example of this movement. The communities that have formed are helping men live their lives more aligned to the universal call to holiness and our vocation as men of God.

A planning team of about 20 men have been meeting and developing a plan for Seton men. We believe now is the time to bring men together for a catalyst event to energize this movement. We have been praying for guidance from the Holy Spirit and an amazing event is taking shape. Although we don’t know the extent of the ongoing plan, we trust and have faith that God will reveal His plan and shape the future efforts.

Now more than ever before, men need to be courageous. On September 9, we will bring together 350+ men to spend the day at Seton hearing talks, engaging with each other and listening to what God wants in our lives. We are asking you to have the courage to show up and the courage to listen to God’s individual message for you throughout the day. Men play a critical role in the lives of our families and in our parish. We believe this day will spark something remarkable in any man who has the courage to listen to God and take that next step He has planned.

So stay tuned… And BE COURAGEOUS!