Fatherly Courage

By Joe LaCombe

It is Father’s Day as I write. I was up early this morning to promote the Courageous event at Seton as we are the spotlight ministry this week. It’s a little after 7:30am, and Mass has just started. Early morning is a special time, especially in the summer, the dew is on the grass, the sun is rising – it’s a brand-new day.

Early morning at church is especially nice. There is a calming hum when you’re sitting out in the commons while Mass is going on. People coming to and from the Nave, the sound of Scripture and prayers being read over the audio system. A few people hanging out in the family room, enjoying coffee, reading. But through the busyness, it is all so calming.

I’m here with two other men at this time. Two other wonderful fathers. One makes breakfast for the three of us while we wait for Mass to finish, ready to promote the weekend to the men who will be streaming out in a little while.

We sit down to eat by the fireplace in the commons, we say the blessing – “Bless us O Lord, and these Thy gifts…” Three men, sitting down to break bread, humbly doing the Sign of the Cross and giving thanks to our God for all He has given us, and blessed us with this day, and every day.

Three fathers, away from our families early this morning – they would arrive in a little while – sitting there eating, discussing the things that fathers in today’s world encounter every day. Kids. Unplugging in a constantly connected, distracted society. Career and faith, and balancing the two.

It was then that I thought to myself that this day could not have started more perfectly. This – right here – is what I need in my life, and why, yet again, I want to be courageous. This – the relationships with other men – is what it’s all about when you talk about becoming a strong, courageous, Catholic man of faith.

This, is why I love our parish – it has become a home to me and my family. And it’s why I love our faith, and why I love our God – for the men like these that He brings into my life. Men who He works and speaks through, motivating me to be better and more courageous in my own life, and knowing that He works through me, for them, as well.

Days like today inspire me – they inspire me more than ever to be courageous in this world, courageous as a father and husband, and courageous as a Catholic man of faith.

On behalf of the planning team – we can’t wait to put this event on for you – the men of Seton – on 9.9.17.

Step up. Sign up! And Be Courageous!

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